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My little munchkin and stuff 

Yesterday I went for a little shopping, bought a few things that I’ll probably show a little bit later, and today I just took tons of pictures of my baby girl..She’s such a cutie pie🍼💗🌳🌙 

I know everyone thinks their pet is the cutest little thing but seriously, Merisa is the most beautiful puppy I’ve ever seen, hihi💗 I called her Merisa because I loved (and still do) TV show THE OC, and there was Marissa Cooper, I was obsessed with that show! Some time ago I almost bought another puppy and I wanted to call her Prue, because of the CHARMED ONES..what can I say, I’m obsessed with TV shows!

Do you have any pets or would you want one? And what’s the name or how would you want to call it? Let me know, leave a comment below 💜💙🐭

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My Favorite Beauty Products 

These are my all time favorites, Armani in the day and Versace for night. And did I mention how much I love my Rich Pure Luxury hair care, thanks to this little bottle my hair are healthy and shiny and oh they smell like heaven💜💙

This picture credit goes to @paris.jacobson Instagram.


Kourtney, can you please give these to me? I’m in love with these Tom Ford babies!! 

Hopefully you enjoyed this little post, if you want to see more, follow me on 

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Thank you for all your support and lovely comments on previous posts!! 💗 

– Egita

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Clueless, 90’s, Silk and Vintage

So because its raining outside, this post will be very black and white..kinda like my mood today 

So few days ago I was shopping and I bought these pretty blouses, I’m just searching for a perfect sized white shirt so I can have the 90’s look that I’m obsessed with..

Here’s a little bit more of outfit ideas I love!  

I also love very simple and natural look, this photo credit goes to ” babyg ” Instagram. She looks divine, I can only hope that one day my eyebrows will look this perfect and natural.

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WP New Collection 

Today is a very important day for Warby Parker. It’s the launch day on their newest collection. Start this season, 2017 with a different view of life, new style and a perfect pair of eyewear from Warby Parker. So I will show you my favorite ones and how stylish they are..

I love going to this little vintage cafe near to my house when it’s spring outside and tulips are everywhere.. Unfortunately it’s still cold outside but spring is already in my heart. I love dressing simply but with gorgeous accessories – chokers, watches and glasses!! As you can see these are my favorite frames from Warby Parker, you can match them with any outfit, wear them and you’ll rock the day.

I got inspired so I made a few mood boards..

↠ This is for my badass days, I love wearing black a lot especially leather jackets and these glasses goes perfect with those outfits.

↠ I also have these days when I want to wear something light especially when spring is coming so these are definitely one of my favorite frames! 

↠ I’m so in love with these frames, the high quality and the fact that they look good with every outfit, that’s the best thing!!

These are my favorite ones, you can discover the entire collection at Warby Parker !!

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A Very Merry Christmas 

I’m a little bit late to the Christmas post.. This is one of the best gifts that I bought for my mom and myself because obviously I will use this gift!

I’m so in love with this perfume, it reminds me of something familiar and this cute little bottle is everything!! 

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It’s almost Christmas 

It’s almost Christmas!! This post is all about Christmas gift ideas, I hope it helps if you still haven’t found a perfect Christmas gift! 

Who doesn’t want to get a beautiful diamond ring on Christmas? But seriously, it doesn’t have to be an engagement ring but a beautiful ring, watch, bracelet or something – that’s a perfect gift for Christmas. My wishlist is from Thomas Sabo, Pandora and so on.. You can find a perfect gift there.

Flowers is always a good idea! And also a good perfume! 

I could name a billion beautiful stores and brands of shoes, clothes, accessories but you really need to follow your heart.. For me the quality is very important! I rather choose one expensive thing and close to my heart that 100 little things that are worthless. 

The best gift for me would be “Christmas in Thailand”, that’s something I would want under my Christmas tree, two tickets to Thailand for me and my mom. 

↠ None of these pictures are mine!

This was a little inspiration for you all.. Even if you already bought the gifts, I still enjoyed writing this little post. Hope you all are having a wonderful time! Be safe!!🍀💛 – Egita