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↠ My Passions, Style and Q&A

↠ My passions 

My Instagram page is definitely one of my passions, I love inspiring people and I’m so grateful for all the love I’m getting.. @passiionforvogue

Driving with a car Aghh this is the best way for me to calm down, to be in control, music and driving!! 

Tv shows and soap operas I mean I’ve learned Spanish because of all my Telenovelas, I spent all my Friday and Sunday nights watching old tv shows and I still do, I have such high standards for everything because of it, it’s ridiculous 

My favorite tv shows 

Charmed, The O.C., Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, The Blacklist

My favorite Telenovelas 

Zorro La Espada y La Rosa, Pasión Prohibida, Triunfo del Amor, Corazón Valiente 

Traveling Paris, Paris, Paris, I really want to go to ASV someday and Thailand is in my wishlist.

Interior Design for sure 

↠ Favorite perfumes 

My all time favorite perfumes are Versace Crystal Noir, Giorgio Armani SÌ, and I really want to buy Chanel No 5 for Christmas but we’ll see..

↠ Favorite flowers

My all time favorite flowers are white freesias and peonies 

↠ Where do you find inspiration for your style? Do you have an icon?

I’m very obsessed with 90s style, so I’m in love with fashion from all the old tv shows, but a style icon is probably Jennifer Aniston.

↠ If you could only use one makeup product for the rest of your life what would you choose? 

I think this one, Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation #80 Bronze

↠ How would you define your personal style in a few words? 

Very 90s, it’s all about feeling confident.

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I’m not ready for ya

Summer is long gone and Christmas is around the corner but I’m still daydreaming of summer weather.. I just hate this cold, wet and grey weather, so here’s some warm pictures..

Sandals ASOS

Skirt and leather jacket ZARA

My Instagram @passiionforvogue 🍷

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Clueless, 90’s, Silk and Vintage

So because its raining outside, this post will be very black and white..kinda like my mood today 

So few days ago I was shopping and I bought these pretty blouses, I’m just searching for a perfect sized white shirt so I can have the 90’s look that I’m obsessed with..

Here’s a little bit more of outfit ideas I love!  

I also love very simple and natural look, this photo credit goes to ” babyg ” Instagram. She looks divine, I can only hope that one day my eyebrows will look this perfect and natural.

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Jennifer / Rachel Green style


Jennifer Aniston has always been a huge fashion icon for me, I have very similar style, so I’ll post a few outfits of her and her character Rachel Green from TV show Friends I really love! Hope you’ll get inspired for some summer outfits! 


↠ Her style is very simple, very comfortable but at the same time girly.. She is just stunning!


↠ And did I say how much I love her hair? She has the best hair!!

↠ My favorite Jennifer Aniston movies..

🍇 Along Came Polly

🍇 Marley & Me

🍇 Bruce Almighty

🍇 Rumor Has It


↠ Lot of white and ivory color tops and these army green pants are in my wishlist for summer!!



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Summer Inspiration

Summer – my all time favorite season.. I can’t function without sun and beach and my tan and ice cream and my bike.. and the list goes on…

One of my dreams is to live in the place where it’s summer all year long. So here’s a little inspiration for summer outfits..

I want to buy ivory color dresses and tops for this summer and chokers and denim skirts..

Fringe jacket and boots for cold summer nights and my baby, I  just can’t make a post without pictures of my little munchkin , she’s such a cutie.

Picture credit goes to Matilda Djerf, I love her skirt!!

I’m in love with his look!! Credit goes to Verge Girl.

I love simplicity, natural colors.

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3 Birthdays and A Blog Post 

Today is my birthday!! I’m 20 years old now! I can’t believe it, just can’t.. 

I wasn’t celebrating anything today but I guess I’ll make some plans for tomorrow. It’s very interesting that our puppy Merisa was born in March 1, my mom was born in March 2 and I was born in March 3..that’s just crazy!! I thought I could write some interesting facts about me and share my old photos.. (not all the pictures are mine)

↠ I’m obsessed with fashion and interior design.

↠ I love traveling and I want to go to so many places in the future!! And I love animals!! 

↠ I learned Spanish from A LOT of telenovelas! I’m obsessed with them!

↠ I love driving with a car, one of my biggest passions, listening to music and driving.

This is one of my favorite picture of Merisa, she’s such a cutie!!

↠ My all time favorite flowers and I also love peonies!!

↠ I love blogging, love taking photos and I love inspiring others with my blog and my Instagram page.. 

↠ I love vintage, love country style, love summer and nature.

↠ I need to be in control, I love when everything is in the order, I love cleaning and organizing.

↠ I’m a dreamer and I have a huge imagination. 

↠ I love simplicity.

↠ I’m obsessed with 90’s..

↠ I’m obsessed with little vintage cafes and that would be the style of my cafe if I had one!!

↠ I celebrated my graduation in Paris with my time of my life!! 

/ Paris, I love you, xx //

 Love you all and thank you for reading my blog, xx