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My very own apartment 

It’s been awhile since I last posted something on my blog, I really missed it. I will try to start posting regularly. 

How beautiful are these designs? This would be my dream apartment, simple and cozy for the 20 year old girl.. And this would be my interior design if I owned a cafeteria near the beach..perfect!! 

Blog · Decor · Inspiration · Interior design

Diseño Interior 

I just love looking for design and decor ideas, interior design is truly my passion just like animals and fashion. I found some very great pictures so I’ll share with you all.. 

This kitchen is absolutely stunning although I would change some little things, I would love to have maybe white marble top and I would definitely change the flowers..little things but other than that it’s stunning, I’m in love with these chairs and this white kitchen unit.

I seriously can’t wait to have my own house or apartment, I’ve dreamed about it so much, the moving day, going shopping for furniture and little decor things, organizing everything and even buying fresh flowers..can’t wait for this day!!

↠ I don’t take credit for interior design pictures, all the rights belong to their respective owners.

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A little bit of Interior Design  

I’m so obsessed with Pottery Barn, they have the most beautiful furniture and decor things!! I follow them on Instagram and I definitely know where I’m going to buy most of my furniture for my future house/apartment. 

Find me on Instagram for more beautiful daily posts.. ↠ @passiionforvogue

Thank you all so much for your likes and comments!! I’ll try to start blogging daily, I really love doing it! Have a great day!!! 

– Egita 

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Interior design – my obsession part 2

Haven’t been posting for a while, but I’m very happy to see so many likes and comments on my Interior design post. I searched for more interior design pictures and found some great ideas!💗 

Absolutely love this kitchen, sadly I don’t know who’s the owner so I can’t give credit. This reminds me of tv show “Charmed”, love this old style, but I would want white walls and dark brown parket floor, and the table with chair must go but other than that I love this style!! 

This is modern style but I really love it!!!🍀 I would do it in a little bit different way, with darker floor, ivory color rug and things like that – little changes but it’s amazing that you can find interior design of your dreams! Credit goes to by Rach Parcell.

This is absolute perfection!!💜💙 I love how light it is, it’s very important for me. Found this picture on //Interior Design: Marie Christine Design.

And here are some more beautiful and inspiring pictures!!🍀💗

Thank you all so much for liking and commenting, I love blogging, I wish I could do it more often and use my own pictures! Have a great day!! – Egita

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Getting ready for Christmas 

I just love this time of the year – candles, movies, hot chocolate, cuddling with Merisa and going to mall, buying gifts for Christmas, what a wonderful time!

Here are some decorating ideas for your home! Let’s get ready for Christmas!! 

Beautiful pillows from THE Pier

Nightstand from THE Pier

Thomas Sabo watch and ring

Ivory rug from 

Everything from THE Pier

Keep it simple! 💛 

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A little bit of Instagram 

Model: Anastasia Smirnova

If you love fashion, interior design, good quotes, a lot of vintage style and iconic pictures of the 90s you should take a look at my Instagram page.  

Model: Anastasia Smirnova


Kourt slaying🌹

Model: Anastasia Smirnova

My dream car, army green Mercedes! I also want a black Range Rover!

These kinds of pictures I post daily on my Instagram. A little bit of inspiration before going to sleep,

goodnight everyone!

– Egita

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Interior design – my obsession 

Interior design is another thing I’m obsessed with.

I don’t live on my own so of course I don’t have my dream house. But I have a very big imagination and I’ve thought about every single thing that I’d have in my own house or apartment.

I made this a long time ago and now there are definitely some things that I would change, but the idea is still the same. I will try to make these kinds of inspiring boards more often.

I love vintage and unique things, so I would never have a modern furniture in my future house or apartment.

I would have white walls and the furniture (closets, bed frame, chairs, tables, etc.) would be only in white or dark wood. Most of my home decorations will be in white, black, dark grey, ivory color (my fav), dark olive green and army green color. I hate bright colors so even the smallest things like storage boxes and home decor needs to be in pastel colors.

My favorite room of the house have always been the kitchen (pancakes for breakfast and late night conversations), so it needs to be very light and cozy. My kitchen unit would be in white and kind of old fashion style. All my kitchen design ideas (basically everything not only the kitchen) are inspired by 90’s movies.

People say that you need to write things down and they will come true, so this is one of the reasons I love writing a blog. Interior design is one of my passions and I want to share my thoughts and ideas with you all.

(Not my pictures) ↠ All the rights go to their respective owners.