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Clueless, 90’s, Silk and Vintage

So because its raining outside, this post will be very black and white..kinda like my mood today 

So few days ago I was shopping and I bought these pretty blouses, I’m just searching for a perfect sized white shirt so I can have the 90’s look that I’m obsessed with..

Here’s a little bit more of outfit ideas I love!  

I also love very simple and natural look, this photo credit goes to ” babyg ” Instagram. She looks divine, I can only hope that one day my eyebrows will look this perfect and natural.

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Jennifer / Rachel Green style


Jennifer Aniston has always been a huge fashion icon for me, I have very similar style, so I’ll post a few outfits of her and her character Rachel Green from TV show Friends I really love! Hope you’ll get inspired for some summer outfits! 


↠ Her style is very simple, very comfortable but at the same time girly.. She is just stunning!


↠ And did I say how much I love her hair? She has the best hair!!

↠ My favorite Jennifer Aniston movies..

🍇 Along Came Polly

🍇 Marley & Me

🍇 Bruce Almighty

🍇 Rumor Has It


↠ Lot of white and ivory color tops and these army green pants are in my wishlist for summer!!



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My Instagram ↠Passiionforvogue


↠ you’re number one source for daily inspiration!! I post everything I love, fashion, interior design, quotes, animals and nature..the list is endless.

I’m very thankful for every single one of my followers, I’ve been lucky enough to be followed by many many celebrities that I look up to.. I will share with you some tips I’ve learned with my page..

↠ I try to post every single day, maximum 3posts per day.

↠ I follow only accounts that I truly like and I get inspired by. 

↠ Once in awhile I do MEGA SHOUTOUTS, and I choose the winner based on their Instagram feed.

↠ I use these hashtags..

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↠ I love reading DM and comments on my page so I always try to answer! 💛 

↠ I post only the things I love and I try to make my feed as interesting and beautiful as possible.. 

Thank you for letting me inspire you everyday!! 

For these pictures and more, find me on Instagram @passiionforvogue

– Egita, xx

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Summer Inspiration

Summer – my all time favorite season.. I can’t function without sun and beach and my tan and ice cream and my bike.. and the list goes on…

One of my dreams is to live in the place where it’s summer all year long. So here’s a little inspiration for summer outfits..

I want to buy ivory color dresses and tops for this summer and chokers and denim skirts..

Fringe jacket and boots for cold summer nights and my baby, I  just can’t make a post without pictures of my little munchkin , she’s such a cutie.

Picture credit goes to Matilda Djerf, I love her skirt!!

I’m in love with his look!! Credit goes to Verge Girl.

I love simplicity, natural colors.

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Rainy day inspiration 

First of all I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day, I had no plans at all, I was at home and watched a lot of movies, nothing special..

The weather outside is just terrible so I’ll share some inspiring quotes and a lot of summer pictures..
” A mind full of questions is a mind full of art. ” 

” I constantly go between being extremely anxious about all the things I have to do and literally not giving a shit, there is no in between. ”

This is what I need right now, escape from my reality, clear my mind.. Ah what a beautiful and magical place..

” If you’re walking the path of the Dreamer, everything is possible. ” – Jared Leto

” Being in a relationship should be about freedom, it should be about challenging each other in the best way possible, it should be about excitement and it should be about love and if it’s not about those things.. ” – Jared Leto

↠ Kendall Jenner, love this vintage style!!

↠ Looove this photo of Josephine Skriver, very natural and simple!! 

” Nothing can be sexier than natural beauty. ”

” I hope that you never, not even for one second, become a secondary character in your own story ”

↠ Credit goes to Matilda Djerf , I’m absolutely in love with her summer photos!!

” I don’t want friends, I don’t want love relationships. I want myself. I want to be comfortable with myself, by myself. I don’t want to depend on anyone making me happy. I want to depend on me. ”

↠ Romee Strijd and Taylor Hill slaying..

” Far too many people have no idea of what they can do because all they have been told is what they can’t do. ”

” Unless it’s mad, passionate extraordinary love, it’s a waste of your time. There are too many mediocre things in life, love shouldn’t be one of them. ”

↠ Friday vibes with Gigi Hadid.. 

” Knowing what you want, is getting what you want, with creative visualization, the energy and efforts that we place towards success. ”

↠ Find me on Instagram ( @passiionforvogue ) for daily quotes and inspiring photos!! Thank you all for following and commenting on my blog, I appreciate it!! 💗 

– egita

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It’s almost Christmas 

It’s almost Christmas!! This post is all about Christmas gift ideas, I hope it helps if you still haven’t found a perfect Christmas gift! 

Who doesn’t want to get a beautiful diamond ring on Christmas? But seriously, it doesn’t have to be an engagement ring but a beautiful ring, watch, bracelet or something – that’s a perfect gift for Christmas. My wishlist is from Thomas Sabo, Pandora and so on.. You can find a perfect gift there.

Flowers is always a good idea! And also a good perfume! 

I could name a billion beautiful stores and brands of shoes, clothes, accessories but you really need to follow your heart.. For me the quality is very important! I rather choose one expensive thing and close to my heart that 100 little things that are worthless. 

The best gift for me would be “Christmas in Thailand”, that’s something I would want under my Christmas tree, two tickets to Thailand for me and my mom. 

↠ None of these pictures are mine!

This was a little inspiration for you all.. Even if you already bought the gifts, I still enjoyed writing this little post. Hope you all are having a wonderful time! Be safe!!🍀💛 – Egita 

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The Christmas List

So, Christmas is coming!! I’m so excited! I love planning and being organized, so here is my “Christmas To Do List”

❄️🍷 Watch the best Christmas movies: Home Alone 1&2, I’ll be home for Christmas, Surviving Christmas, and I can’t wait for Office Christmas Party. If you have movie tips, please share! 

❄️🍷 Listen to Christmas songs. 

❄️🍷 Bake and decorate Christmas cookies.💛🍪

❄️🍷 Eat Ice Cream with Hot Chocolate and a lot of mandarins.

❄️🍷 Go for a long walks with my friends and this little munchkin. 

❄️🍷 Buy a perfect gift for my mom (I’m thinking something from Thomas Sabo) and a toy for Merisa.

❄️🍷 Wear something sparkly.

❄️🍷 But most importantly: Be happy, grateful and kind. 

Happy December!! Be kind to one another! 💗💜💙

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– Egita