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My little munchkin and stuff 

Yesterday I went for a little shopping, bought a few things that I’ll probably show a little bit later, and today I just took tons of pictures of my baby girl..She’s such a cutie pie🍼💗🌳🌙 

I know everyone thinks their pet is the cutest little thing but seriously, Merisa is the most beautiful puppy I’ve ever seen, hihi💗 I called her Merisa because I loved (and still do) TV show THE OC, and there was Marissa Cooper, I was obsessed with that show! Some time ago I almost bought another puppy and I wanted to call her Prue, because of the CHARMED ONES..what can I say, I’m obsessed with TV shows!

Do you have any pets or would you want one? And what’s the name or how would you want to call it? Let me know, leave a comment below 💜💙🐭

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Day Outside 

It’s so windy outside but oh well, what can you do.. We spent all day outside, it was so hard to take a picture of Merisa, she’s like a storm, all the pictures were blurry.. 

I want to take some outfit pictures and just start posting pictures of myself, but I just hate this windy and rainy weather.. I need a tan so bad!! 

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My Friday Morning 

It’s Friday!! I did some cleaning and organizing in the morning, now I just need to take my little baby for a walk, make something to eat and then I’ll watch movies.. I wish it was summer so I could go swimming or do something fun but in winter I just prefer spending my free time in home. I’m so boring but what can you do, I just love watching whole season of some old TV Show on my Friday night.

By the way you can follow me on Instagram @passiionforvogue !! I post daily about fashion and interior design AND a lot of inspiring quotes. 

Can’t wait till I can wear these with some ripped jeans. A little bit of summer inspiration..

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Summer memories

It’s almost Christmas and I’m thinking about summer, can’t believe I’m actually writing about summer in December, but I was going through my summer pictures and I just miss everything, the beach, my tan, green leaves in the trees and blue skies, eating ice cream, I mean everything! I wish I could live in summer forever, maybe I would celebrate Christmas in some cold snowy place but that’s all. 

She’s just tired of playing and running, I love her so much! 

My favorite flowers!! This was my name day and mom gave me this bouquet, she just knows me so well, I love her so much!!

This picture was actually taken in winter, but it’s such a light and sunny picture, it remainds me of summer.💛

This is a little bit of my home, maybe someday I’ll post more pictures with my house inside and out.

My presious little baby🍼🐭💛

This is an old picture of me, it was taken about three years ago.

This is not our house, it’s our bath house. I just love these trees.. I could never buy a house without at least one big tree.

I have so many great memories looking at these pictures, I want to live in summer so bad. Hope that someday my wish will come true. Have a great day!! – Egita

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The Christmas List

So, Christmas is coming!! I’m so excited! I love planning and being organized, so here is my “Christmas To Do List”

❄️🍷 Watch the best Christmas movies: Home Alone 1&2, I’ll be home for Christmas, Surviving Christmas, and I can’t wait for Office Christmas Party. If you have movie tips, please share! 

❄️🍷 Listen to Christmas songs. 

❄️🍷 Bake and decorate Christmas cookies.💛🍪

❄️🍷 Eat Ice Cream with Hot Chocolate and a lot of mandarins.

❄️🍷 Go for a long walks with my friends and this little munchkin. 

❄️🍷 Buy a perfect gift for my mom (I’m thinking something from Thomas Sabo) and a toy for Merisa.

❄️🍷 Wear something sparkly.

❄️🍷 But most importantly: Be happy, grateful and kind. 

Happy December!! Be kind to one another! 💗💜💙

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– Egita 

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My little Christmas cookie 

I love spending Saturday and Sunday nights with my little munchkin. Watching Christmas movies and my favorite tv shows, cleaning and organizing whole house or reading Mariannan blog! 

I mean how adorable is this? Little angel already in my Christmas tree. 

Merisa has the cutest bed..for her toys, because obviously she sleeps in my bed, on my pillow.💛🍼🐭