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Peonies and Stuff 

Today was my name day, I spent all day home watching movies, taking some pictures and just relaxing..

How beautiful are my flowers?? I love love love peonies, they smell so good..💗  This is my favorite season, and although today was a stormy weather this day was pretty good! 

Love you all and thank you for following!! I’m very grateful for you all!💋💗

– Egita

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My very own apartment 

It’s been awhile since I last posted something on my blog, I really missed it. I will try to start posting regularly. 

How beautiful are these designs? This would be my dream apartment, simple and cozy for the 20 year old girl.. And this would be my interior design if I owned a cafeteria near the beach..perfect!! 

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My Friday Morning 

It’s Friday!! I did some cleaning and organizing in the morning, now I just need to take my little baby for a walk, make something to eat and then I’ll watch movies.. I wish it was summer so I could go swimming or do something fun but in winter I just prefer spending my free time in home. I’m so boring but what can you do, I just love watching whole season of some old TV Show on my Friday night.

By the way you can follow me on Instagram @passiionforvogue !! I post daily about fashion and interior design AND a lot of inspiring quotes. 

Can’t wait till I can wear these with some ripped jeans. A little bit of summer inspiration..

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Diseño Interior 

I just love looking for design and decor ideas, interior design is truly my passion just like animals and fashion. I found some very great pictures so I’ll share with you all.. 

This kitchen is absolutely stunning although I would change some little things, I would love to have maybe white marble top and I would definitely change the flowers..little things but other than that it’s stunning, I’m in love with these chairs and this white kitchen unit.

I seriously can’t wait to have my own house or apartment, I’ve dreamed about it so much, the moving day, going shopping for furniture and little decor things, organizing everything and even buying fresh flowers..can’t wait for this day!!

↠ I don’t take credit for interior design pictures, all the rights belong to their respective owners.

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A little bit of Interior Design  

I’m so obsessed with Pottery Barn, they have the most beautiful furniture and decor things!! I follow them on Instagram and I definitely know where I’m going to buy most of my furniture for my future house/apartment. 

Find me on Instagram for more beautiful daily posts.. ↠ @passiionforvogue

Thank you all so much for your likes and comments!! I’ll try to start blogging daily, I really love doing it! Have a great day!!! 

– Egita 

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A Very Merry Christmas 

I’m a little bit late to the Christmas post.. This is one of the best gifts that I bought for my mom and myself because obviously I will use this gift!

I’m so in love with this perfume, it reminds me of something familiar and this cute little bottle is everything!!