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3 Birthdays and A Blog Post 

Today is my birthday!! I’m 20 years old now! I can’t believe it, just can’t.. 

I wasn’t celebrating anything today but I guess I’ll make some plans for tomorrow. It’s very interesting that our puppy Merisa was born in March 1, my mom was born in March 2 and I was born in March 3..that’s just crazy!! I thought I could write some interesting facts about me and share my old photos.. (not all the pictures are mine)

↠ I’m obsessed with fashion and interior design.

↠ I love traveling and I want to go to so many places in the future!! And I love animals!! 

↠ I learned Spanish from A LOT of telenovelas! I’m obsessed with them!

↠ I love driving with a car, one of my biggest passions, listening to music and driving.

This is one of my favorite picture of Merisa, she’s such a cutie!!

↠ My all time favorite flowers and I also love peonies!!

↠ I love blogging, love taking photos and I love inspiring others with my blog and my Instagram page.. 

↠ I love vintage, love country style, love summer and nature.

↠ I need to be in control, I love when everything is in the order, I love cleaning and organizing.

↠ I’m a dreamer and I have a huge imagination. 

↠ I love simplicity.

↠ I’m obsessed with 90’s..

↠ I’m obsessed with little vintage cafes and that would be the style of my cafe if I had one!!

↠ I celebrated my graduation in Paris with my time of my life!! 

/ Paris, I love you, xx //

 Love you all and thank you for reading my blog, xx



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