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WP New Collection 

Today is a very important day for Warby Parker. It’s the launch day on their newest collection. Start this season, 2017 with a different view of life, new style and a perfect pair of eyewear from Warby Parker. So I will show you my favorite ones and how stylish they are..

I love going to this little vintage cafe near to my house when it’s spring outside and tulips are everywhere.. Unfortunately it’s still cold outside but spring is already in my heart. I love dressing simply but with gorgeous accessories – chokers, watches and glasses!! As you can see these are my favorite frames from Warby Parker, you can match them with any outfit, wear them and you’ll rock the day.

I got inspired so I made a few mood boards..

↠ This is for my badass days, I love wearing black a lot especially leather jackets and these glasses goes perfect with those outfits.

↠ I also have these days when I want to wear something light especially when spring is coming so these are definitely one of my favorite frames! 

↠ I’m so in love with these frames, the high quality and the fact that they look good with every outfit, that’s the best thing!!

These are my favorite ones, you can discover the entire collection at Warby Parker !!


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