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It’s almost Christmas 

It’s almost Christmas!! This post is all about Christmas gift ideas, I hope it helps if you still haven’t found a perfect Christmas gift! 

Who doesn’t want to get a beautiful diamond ring on Christmas? But seriously, it doesn’t have to be an engagement ring but a beautiful ring, watch, bracelet or something – that’s a perfect gift for Christmas. My wishlist is from Thomas Sabo, Pandora and so on.. You can find a perfect gift there.

Flowers is always a good idea! And also a good perfume! 

I could name a billion beautiful stores and brands of shoes, clothes, accessories but you really need to follow your heart.. For me the quality is very important! I rather choose one expensive thing and close to my heart that 100 little things that are worthless. 

The best gift for me would be “Christmas in Thailand”, that’s something I would want under my Christmas tree, two tickets to Thailand for me and my mom. 

↠ None of these pictures are mine!

This was a little inspiration for you all.. Even if you already bought the gifts, I still enjoyed writing this little post. Hope you all are having a wonderful time! Be safe!!🍀💛 – Egita 


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