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Interior design – my obsession part 2

Haven’t been posting for a while, but I’m very happy to see so many likes and comments on my Interior design post. I searched for more interior design pictures and found some great ideas!πŸ’— 

Absolutely love this kitchen, sadly I don’t know who’s the owner so I can’t give credit. This reminds me of tv show “Charmed”, love this old style, but I would want white walls and dark brown parket floor, and the table with chair must go but other than that I love this style!! 

This is modern style but I really love it!!!πŸ€ I would do it in a little bit different way, with darker floor, ivory color rug and things like that – little changes but it’s amazing that you can find interior design of your dreams! Credit goes to by Rach Parcell.

This is absolute perfection!!πŸ’œπŸ’™ I love how light it is, it’s very important for me. Found this picture on //Interior Design: Marie Christine Design.

And here are some more beautiful and inspiring pictures!!πŸ€πŸ’—

Thank you all so much for liking and commenting, I love blogging, I wish I could do it more often and use my own pictures! Have a great day!! – Egita


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