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The Christmas List

So, Christmas is coming!! I’m so excited! I love planning and being organized, so here is my “Christmas To Do List”

❄️🍷 Watch the best Christmas movies: Home Alone 1&2, I’ll be home for Christmas, Surviving Christmas, and I can’t wait for Office Christmas Party. If you have movie tips, please share! 

❄️🍷 Listen to Christmas songs. 

❄️🍷 Bake and decorate Christmas cookies.💛🍪

❄️🍷 Eat Ice Cream with Hot Chocolate and a lot of mandarins.

❄️🍷 Go for a long walks with my friends and this little munchkin. 

❄️🍷 Buy a perfect gift for my mom (I’m thinking something from Thomas Sabo) and a toy for Merisa.

❄️🍷 Wear something sparkly.

❄️🍷 But most importantly: Be happy, grateful and kind. 

Happy December!! Be kind to one another! 💗💜💙

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– Egita 


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