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Interior design – my obsession 

Interior design is another thing I’m obsessed with.

I don’t live on my own so of course I don’t have my dream house. But I have a very big imagination and I’ve thought about every single thing that I’d have in my own house or apartment.

I made this a long time ago and now there are definitely some things that I would change, but the idea is still the same. I will try to make these kinds of inspiring boards more often.

I love vintage and unique things, so I would never have a modern furniture in my future house or apartment.

I would have white walls and the furniture (closets, bed frame, chairs, tables, etc.) would be only in white or dark wood. Most of my home decorations will be in white, black, dark grey, ivory color (my fav), dark olive green and army green color. I hate bright colors so even the smallest things like storage boxes and home decor needs to be in pastel colors.

My favorite room of the house have always been the kitchen (pancakes for breakfast and late night conversations), so it needs to be very light and cozy. My kitchen unit would be in white and kind of old fashion style. All my kitchen design ideas (basically everything not only the kitchen) are inspired by 90’s movies.

People say that you need to write things down and they will come true, so this is one of the reasons I love writing a blog. Interior design is one of my passions and I want to share my thoughts and ideas with you all.

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48 thoughts on “Interior design – my obsession 

  1. i like your personal preference, and your pictured hehe. I had a “make over” done on my kitchen and living room by interior designers from I hope my experience could help some of your readers hehe


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  3. Everyone has to start somewhere, and you’ve got some great ideas. Can’t wait to see what you come up with when you finally have your own space to use as a canvas!


      1. You’re quite welcome! I’ve found sometimes a little encouragement can go a long way for those that have an artistic eye, even if they haven’t thought about making a career of it. We artsy people have to support each other!


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