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↠ My Passions, Style and Q&A

↠ My passions 

My Instagram page is definitely one of my passions, I love inspiring people and I’m so grateful for all the love I’m getting.. @passiionforvogue

Driving with a car Aghh this is the best way for me to calm down, to be in control, music and driving!! 

Tv shows and soap operas I mean I’ve learned Spanish because of all my Telenovelas, I spent all my Friday and Sunday nights watching old tv shows and I still do, I have such high standards for everything because of it, it’s ridiculous 

My favorite tv shows 

Charmed, The O.C., Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, The Blacklist

My favorite Telenovelas 

Zorro La Espada y La Rosa, Pasión Prohibida, Triunfo del Amor, Corazón Valiente 

Traveling Paris, Paris, Paris, I really want to go to ASV someday and Thailand is in my wishlist.

Interior Design for sure 

↠ Favorite perfumes 

My all time favorite perfumes are Versace Crystal Noir, Giorgio Armani SÌ, and I really want to buy Chanel No 5 for Christmas but we’ll see..

↠ Favorite flowers

My all time favorite flowers are white freesias and peonies 

↠ Where do you find inspiration for your style? Do you have an icon?

I’m very obsessed with 90s style, so I’m in love with fashion from all the old tv shows, but a style icon is probably Jennifer Aniston.

↠ If you could only use one makeup product for the rest of your life what would you choose? 

I think this one, Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation #80 Bronze

↠ How would you define your personal style in a few words? 

Very 90s, it’s all about feeling confident.

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Gifts for myself 

A few gifts for myself in this cold weather🌹 I’ve been taking a lot of pictures lately so hopefully I’ll post more often in here but I’m very excited to tell you guys that I hit 11K in my Instagram, it’s a big deal for me, I’m very grateful for all the love I’m getting, and one more thing.. Alissa Violet started following me, that’s pretty cool😍

🍷My Instagram @passiionforvogue

🍷Skirt  MANGO

🍷Urban Decay NAKED eyeshadows 

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I’m not ready for ya

Summer is long gone and Christmas is around the corner but I’m still daydreaming of summer weather.. I just hate this cold, wet and grey weather, so here’s some warm pictures..

Sandals ASOS

Skirt and leather jacket ZARA

My Instagram @passiionforvogue 🍷

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My little munchkin and stuff 

Yesterday I went for a little shopping, bought a few things that I’ll probably show a little bit later, and today I just took tons of pictures of my baby girl..She’s such a cutie pie🍼💗🌳🌙 

I know everyone thinks their pet is the cutest little thing but seriously, Merisa is the most beautiful puppy I’ve ever seen, hihi💗 I called her Merisa because I loved (and still do) TV show THE OC, and there was Marissa Cooper, I was obsessed with that show! Some time ago I almost bought another puppy and I wanted to call her Prue, because of the CHARMED ONES..what can I say, I’m obsessed with TV shows!

Do you have any pets or would you want one? And what’s the name or how would you want to call it? Let me know, leave a comment below 💜💙🐭

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My Favorite Beauty Products 

These are my all time favorites, Armani in the day and Versace for night. And did I mention how much I love my Rich Pure Luxury hair care, thanks to this little bottle my hair are healthy and shiny and oh they smell like heaven💜💙

This picture credit goes to @paris.jacobson Instagram.


Kourtney, can you please give these to me? I’m in love with these Tom Ford babies!! 

Hopefully you enjoyed this little post, if you want to see more, follow me on 

Instagram @passiionforvogue

Thank you for all your support and lovely comments on previous posts!! 💗 

– Egita